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Thanks for everything.

Hi Everybody.

I hope 2015 ended with a bang and that you are all rested and ready to take on 2016.

You haven’t heard from me in a while. As you may know, I took a hiatus from November 13 until now. I needed time to move (we now live in Sausalito) and travel (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington) and visit with family. But mostly I needed time to rest and think.

Think about what? Think about where I am and where I want to go. I knew from the earliest days of Keylab that there was a large community of people who needed good tech help. That need was prevalent enough to supply my little business that grew faster and broader than I ever thought it could.

Now it’s January 2016, and there are more than five hundred of you. If I hadn’t stopped taking on new clients, I’m sure we would be past six hundred. I needed these last seven weeks to decide how I feel about that prospect.

At any given moment, I was happy to become engrossed in your question or malfunction. But when I stopped and considered my daily routine, the aggregate of those questions and malfunctions, I realized that I wasn't up for it anymore. As many of you know, I have searched for qualified hires for years, but only found one, Seila, who was up to my standards of courtesy, promptness, and expertise. Seila and I scrambled each day to keep up with increasing demand, demand that came in waves as new products launched, or when software updates released, or when Comcast went down statewide. We became outnumbered.

The need in the community shows no signs of slowing. What is in store for me and Keylab is a workload that will continue to grow far beyond its saturation point.

Faced with all that, I made a decision: I have accepted a position at a startup in San Francisco and am shutting Keylab down.

I’m very proud of the work we have all done together. I’m humbled and amazed by the relationships I’ve formed with many of you, and I owe you all a world of thanks for sustaining me these past five years. I’m closing this chapter with gratitude and fondness.

I imagine you might be worried right now about how this impacts you. It does mean that I am shutting down the Keylab email addresses, phone number, and appointment bookings. It would be far too easy to fall into familiar patterns, so I must make a clean break from personal tech support.

Below I have included a list of other area consultants who may fill the void I am leaving. Just remember that restarting cures most ills.

Once again, thank you for an amazing experience. You welcomed me into your homes and lives, and I cherish the many, many stories we created, technological or otherwise.

My Best,



1 800 APL CARE (1 800 275 2273)

MacSupport of Marin

415 891 2305

Computers Made Easy

415 475 1930

Setup and Tutoring: Specializing in all things Apple.

415 290 9191

Tech Help Marin

415 891 8655

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