Apple announces “Spring Forward” event

Apple sent out press invitations this morning to an event on March 9 in San Francisco. They are expected to reveal more information about the Watch (pricing, specs, features, the UI) in the lead up to a release date sometime in April.  

We will likely hear more about the Photos app, and perhaps a sneak peak at new hardware (the rumored 12 inch MacBook Air or iPad Pro).





Apple Watch Sticker Shock

If you are planning on adorning your wrist with 18k-wrapped Apple gadgetry, be prepared to pay a premium (alliteration intended?).

Greg Koenig of Luma Labs dumped a mockup of the new watch into 3D software and estimated ~29g of 18k gold in the body. Sensors, battery, screen, and CPU aside, the thing could cost $5,000+ for the gold alone.

It’s been a while since Apple, or any mass-tech company, offered a device north of $5,000. One could custom configure a Mac Pro workstation in that range, but that machine could animate a feature length movie. Just imagine the vitriol when prices are formally announced. Then imagine Tim Cook’s glee when it sells like gangbusters in China.

(via Casey Liss)

Visualizing Wifi

Here is an amazing video of a young man mapping wifi signal strength. By the end of the video, he has mapped wifi signal strength in a cubic square foot. Amazing how much variation occurs in such a small area.

Ignore the technical details and his occasional grammar. Watch here:

Ways to Communicate

This might sound a little harsh, but I need to make a request:

Please do not send me texts.

Why would I care? It’s all going to the same place, right? I have three reasons.

1) Identification
Just this morning, I received two support request texts from unknown phone numbers. I have no idea who is asking for help, and I feel bad having to make a client identify themselves. I have most email addresses on file, and the ones I don’t are easy enough to decipher.

2) Tracking
Every single email that you and I have ever exchanged is sitting in a folder I created just for you. If there’s ever a question about a procedure, whether we addressed a problem, a scheduling question, whatever, I have a way to look back in time and refer to the email in question. Texting doesn’t begin to offer this level of archiving.

3) Redundancy
Seila and I both receive your emails. Only I receive texts. You know how hard it is to catch me with a phone call. It’s the same with texting. I respond to emails when I can (usually at lunch or at dinner), but Seila can reply during the day too.

Different communication methods carry different formalities. Email is a more traditional, long-form medium that lends itself well to explanations of problems, lists, and formatting. Put simply, the questions you’re asking are best answered in an email.

Texts are short (limit: 140 characters). They are casual. They are disposable. They are not permanent. They are for a single, simple thought. They cannot capture the complexity of a tech-related issue, and in my experience they can’t even communicate something simple like a scheduling request.

I have spent time and effort on this site trying to assemble clear, efficient, official channels of communication. Please use those to get in touch with us. Use the Email page for submitting technical support requests, use the Scheduling page to make appointments, and email us for the rest. Those are the best ways to get our attention.

Please don’t text.

The Successor to iPhoto

I was worried there for a moment.

Last year, Apple announced a replacement to the aging iPhoto and Aperture softwares, and promised it would arrive sometime early in 2015.

A week ago, promotional materials on Apple’s site were scrubbed of references to this impending release, which made me worry that the much-needed update would be held up indefinitely or abandoned entirely.

It seems this is not the case. This morning, Apple released a beta version of Yosemite 10.10.3 to its developer community, and this beta contains the Photos app.

Early reviews of the new app seem very positive. If the timing holds, Photos should be publicly released in about a month. Of course, I always recommend letting the dust settle on new software at first, so don’t jump in right away.

But this news gives me hope that our days of watching iPhoto spin forever are nearly over.

Read the Mac Rumors article here >

New Clients

If you look at our schedule, you’ll notice that it reads “no availability” most of the time. You can’t get an appointment sooner than four weeks out.

This is bad for everyone.

I have made some corrections to our scheduling process, and you should start to see improved availability starting in a week or two.

But I also see that we need to make another change.
Effective February 4, 2015, Keylab is not accepting new clients. 

I don’t want to turn anyone away, but Seila and I are consistently overwhelmed by demand. There are now 521 of you on our list, and we have seen consistent monthlong delays in appointments since December, and it is only now starting to ease.

I am actively trying to recruit new technicians and tutors to bring on to help with the workload, and if you know someone who might be interested, please contact us. But until we have more help, I can’t take on any new work.

Thanks for your understanding and your patience, and check back for updates.